British E-Learning Voice Over

How could e-learning voice overs could help your business?

E-learning or ‘electronic-learning’ makes it easy for companies to communicate with staff who could be based in multiple locations across different time-zones.

E-learning voice overs allow someone to learn at a time and pace that’s convenient to them.

They can start and stop the e-learning audio when they wish and also listen on a smart-phone or at their computer.

Recording e-learning projects saves money as one e-learning voice over recording can be used multiple times.

E-learning voice overs can be updated quickly should information or details change. This digital-first way of working also helps make sometimes dry subjects more engaging and complicated information can be conveyed in an interesting and informative way.

The best e-learning voice overs will read scripts in a slow and informative way.

I have recorded dozens of e-learning voice over scripts and clients like my knowledgeable, instructional and engaging sound.

E-learning voice overs can be used for staff training, internal communications and company product updates.

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Michael was fantastic to work with. He has his own studio in London which made it extremely helpful as we needed a quick turnaround. He was also very flexible with his availability. Definitely will consider using him again for future work.

Prospect Arts

Amazing voice and great communication. Would definitely recommend and work with him again.

Road381 Creative

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