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Who’s the man behind the voice?

I’m Michael Traboulsi also known as Trabs! I’ve been behind the microphone since I was 18 working for commercial radio stations across the UK. I landed my dream job when I was 21 at Heart & LBC radio in London where I stayed for 10 years reading the news on the Heart Breakfast Show. I’m based in west London and a few years ago I built a broadcast quality studio at home so I can connect to any client, anywhere in the world. I absolutely love this business and more than happy to offer any advice or help you may need with your next project. I have some clients that I’ve been working with for 10 years.

Narration & Audiobooks Voice Over

What inspired you to become a voice over in London?

When I was a kid I thought voice overs had the coolest job ever! What an honour to be asked to represent a brand or business because they like the sound you make when you speak. Wow! I persuaded a studio manager at a radio station to help me record some demo scripts – I’ve now recorded more than 1000 scripts from TV and radio ads to documentaries and online films. I love voices – they are uniquely personal and tell you so much about someone – the sound, the speed, the accent, the tone and the intonation all individually created for each and every one of us.

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What’s your voice over style?

I sound natural, conversational and fresh. I’m enthusiastic, genuine and authentic. Clients also like my kind, convincing and approachable style. Every project is different so if you want to check how your voice over could sound I’m more than happy to record a few lines for you to hear. Perhaps you have a YouTube link for a voice you like? A reference is always really useful. Perhaps you have a rough film edit you’ve put together? Share this as it will also help me understand the style and speed you’re looking to achieve.

What’s been your most exciting voice over project?

I was confirmed for a job on the first day of a holiday to Majorca. I explained to the client I had my holiday studio with me (my portable studio which I travel the world with) but they insisted it had to be an in-person record at a studio in Germany. I will always, always try and make things work for the client and in this case they asked if I would be willing to travel to Hanover for a day – so I did! Majorca to Hanover and back in a day to record five scripts. Who were they for? I still can’t tell you because of the NDA I signed but they were heard everywhere!

What’s the project you’re most proud to have recorded?

Different projects standout for different reasons. To record the opening script for the Wimbledon 2021 international TV ad was a career highlight. As an aviation fan being on the in-flight entertainment systems for Emirates really keeps me flying into studio! And it was an honour to be selected for a European UNICEF campaign. I also get a great buzz when smaller businesses send me feedback saying the voice over I’ve recorded them is doing the business and they’ve decided to book me for another project.

My Customer Reviews

Need A British Voice Over Talent?

Hi! I’m Michael Traboulsi, a British voice over artist based in London with my own broadcast quality home studio. I’ve recorded thousands of scripts over the past 20 years for major brands to small businesses and I absolutely love my job. I have an upbeat, friendly and conversational style perfect for explainer videos, commercials, corporate & e-learning films. The home studio means a fast turnaround of your voice over project.

I’ve worked with some clients for more than 10 years and their feedback includes ‘one of the best professionals I’ve ever worked with‘, ‘he never fails to deliver high-quality‘ & ‘Michael is a joy to work with‘. (Thanks everyone!)

I pride myself on offering exemplary customer service, I’m super-fast responding to messages and I have a simple rate structure. I’m flexible should you have changes to your script and it’s possible to listen-in live to recording sessions.

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