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For years Isabella has seen her father disappear into the voice over home studio.

On many occasions she’s joined me and after an initial phase of ‘I’ve got to fiddle with every button’ she watches with fascination.

At the moment it’s very much a ‘read and repeat’ recording format.

But without any prompting her microphone technique has kicked-in and when it’s time to record she automatically positions her mouth the perfect distance from the mic and begins speaking.

Slowly but surely she’s getting better and better and better and I hope has an exciting and busy voice over career ahead of her.

As a child voice over there are dozens of opportunities from cartoon characters and TV commercials to podcasts and documentaries.

Recording child voice overs can be very fun and you need patience too!

If you require an enthusiastic, excitable and engaging four-year-old female voice over artist get in touch with her Dad!

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