August 18, 2022

Kids in studio! Three things I learnt

I recently had the honour of hosting in my studio the very talented Kisa. This 9 year old is currently on an exciting trajectory into the world of entertainment and voice overs is just one step on that journey. I’ve known Kisa’s mum for 20 years and when an audition request came in I was only too happy to open the studio door. Apart from my 3 year …

3 pop shields
September 21, 2021

Why I Have 3 Pop-Shields – The Frequently Asked Question!

Every time I post a studio picture on my Instagram  I’m asked the question, ‘Why do you have three pop-shields?’ What is a pop-shield? A pop-shield is a thin barrier of either fabric or metal which allows sound to pass through but deliberately disrupts the airflow to avoid ‘plosives’ hitting the microphone. When you say a word whi …

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