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Stories are powerful. They make you stop and think. Powerful voice over narration will allow your story to be told with a voice that is relatable and engaging.

In recent years the likes of Audible has increased the demand for eBook narrators. Television and radio documentaries also require the perfect narrator to hold the attention of the audience as they tell the story. Businesses also

Finding the perfect narrator is an important part of the production process and will reflect your brand values.

I’ve narrated television documentaries including Red Bull’s annual ‘Art of Motion’, engineering programmes for Discovery Channel and numerous PlanesTV documentaries.

Recent work

Narration Voice Over - Client Work

Michael did a great job, including being very patient with a demanding client and re-working files.

Simply Does It

Michael’s performance is on point, exactly what the client wanted! In addition to that, he’s been very accommodating regarding timings – incredibly fast turnarounds!


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