Corporate Voice OverCorporate Voice Over

You may recognise the logo, but what does a brand sound like?

A corporate voice over can help convey the message that the brand wishes to communicate to their staff or customers. For example, you may have an important company message to communicate internally or a new campaign you wish to launch across your customer network, so getting the right voice for your business is critical.

Corporate voice overs can vary and some businesses may require a ‘serious’, or ‘commanding’ or ‘direct’ voice over to reflect their brand. Other businesses may request a ‘conversational’ read to make the message appear relatable, as if another member of the team is talking to the company or their customers.

Quite often, clients like to ‘listen-in’ on corporate voice over recordings to ensure the tone and pace match what they had in mind. If this is something you would like to have, my studio allows me to connect to phone, video and online calls from anywhere in the world to let the client listen in.

In the past, I have recorded corporate voice overs for companies such as Silicon Valley Bank, Hyperoptic, Anglo American, NTT and Orange as well as hundreds of corporate scripts for small businesses.

Michael was fantastic to work with. He has his own studio in London which made it extremely helpful as we needed a quick turnaround. He was also very flexible with his availability. Definitely will consider using him again for future work.

Prospect Arts

Amazing voice and great communication. Would definitely recommend and work with him again.

Road381 Creative

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