commercial voice over studio
August 7, 2021

Voice Over For Commercials

Commercial Voice OverCommercial Voice Over Contact Me On your phone, computer, TV and radio, adverts are designed to grab your attention. Brands are constantly reinventing the way they engage with consumers so having the perfect voice over for commercials is a key part of the production process. Brands want to be part of your conversation so my ‘conversational’ sound is in big demand right now. My voice over for commercials can be relatable, engaging and authentic to help connect with your audience. The brief may require ‘energy’ (something I have no problem providing!) or a more natural pace. Clients understandable want to [...]
microphone for explainer video
August 7, 2021

Voice Over For Explainer Videos

Voice Over For Explainer VideosVoice Over For Explainer Videos Contact me Explainer videos are a great way to tell your customer how your new product or service works, what it does, or how they can get involved. When it comes to a new offering, it can often be complicated to inform your customers about it. But explainer videos are designed to take the viewer on a step-by-step journey to help simplify the service, process or system that you are offering. Many explainer videos use animation or ‘motion graphics’ to tell a story and this form of production creates a picture [...]
voice over narration michael traboulsi
August 7, 2021

Voice Over Narration

Voice Over NarrationVoice Over Narration Contact Me Stories are powerful. They make you stop and think. Powerful voice over narration will allow your story to be told with a voice that is relatable and engaging. In recent years the likes of Audible has increased the demand for eBook narrators. Television and radio documentaries also require the perfect narrator to hold the attention of the audience as they tell the story. Businesses also Finding the perfect narrator is an important part of the production process and will reflect your brand values. I’ve narrated television documentaries including Red Bull’s annual ‘Art of Motion’, engineering [...]
corporate logo
August 7, 2021

Corporate Voice Over

Corporate Voice OverCorporate Voice Over Contact Me You may recognise the logo, but what does a brand sound like? A corporate voice over can help convey the message that the brand wishes to communicate to their staff or customers. For example, you may have an important company message to communicate internally or a new campaign you wish to launch across your customer network, so getting the right voice for your business is critical. Corporate voice overs can vary and some businesses may require a ‘serious’, or ‘commanding’ or ‘direct’ voice over to reflect their brand. Other businesses may request a [...]
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